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11 bulls


Legal Legends Fueling PuleChain's Meme Coin Mania!

The Story

Why 11 Bulls?


Picture this: Richard Heart, in the epic showdown against the SEC, decides to bring in the big guns – not just any legal team, but the same squad of 11 lawyers that Elon Musk once called to the battlefield. Talk about a plot twist! As fate would have it, this legal saga sets off a wild bull run in the PuleChain universe. And what better way to celebrate this rollercoaster of events than with a meme coin? Introducing "11 Bulls" – a coin that's not just riding the crypto wave but doing it with the same legal flair that got Musk out of hot water. The story doesn't get crazier than this.

The Mission

11 Bulls are on a mission to invade the whole crypto space and bring new people to PulseChain. When we’re famous, everybody will want to attend the party. Join us in this daring escapade, as we paint the crypto landscape with the vibrant hues of PulseChain. It's not just a mission; it's a celebration waiting to happen. Let's make waves, turn heads, and ensure that when the 11 Bulls throw a crypto party, the whole universe stops to take notice! The journey is thrilling, the destination is fame, and the party is legendary – don't miss out on the crypto adventure of a lifetime!

• Growth Supporters 15%
• Presale 40%
• DEX and CEX Launch 30%
• PulseChain Community Airdrop 15%
11 000 000 000 000
Liquidity Locked
10 Years
Buy/Sell Tax
Unsold Presale Tokens Burned


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